Guiding principle / data & facts / development

We appreciate this distinction!

What company healthcare means to us today:

  • continuously fostering our team spirit
  • constantly developing our internal communication
  • systematically designing our workflows to be value-oriented
  • designing our workplaces to be performance-enhancing
  • using resources sparingly
  • aiming for a balance between change and permanence
  • reconciling requirements from customers and partners with our own objectives

Our guiding principle

Our guiding principle sets out the shared objectives and fundamental attitudes of all staff at Gandler Risk Management insurance brokers. The guiding principle was developed by staff from different departments with much commitment. The guiding principle is a guideline for our conduct and actions, so that we remain one of the most successful regional insurance brokers in the market now and tomorrow.

Mission Statement

Our company mission statement

Our company mission statement specifies the joint goals and basic attitudes of all employees at Gandler Risk Management Versicherungsmakler GmbH.

This mission statement has been devised with the commitment of employees from various departments.

The mission statement represents a guideline for our conduct and actions to ensure that we can remain one of the most successful regional insurance brokers on the market in the future too.

Who we are

Gandler Risk Management is a regional insurance broker

We are a market leader on the regional market and our services are also competitive at an Austrian level. We stand out from the competition thanks to our high-performance products and, in particular, our personal level of quality service for customers. Gandler Risk Management is working mainly with competence, honesty and reliability on the side of the customer.

The slogan ‘on your side’ is a clear expression of our mission.

What we want

What our service portfolio as an insurance broker involves:

  • We assess existing, private and operationally insurable risks.
  • We offer decision-making support concerning the nature and scope of insurance protection.
  • We know the insurance market and cooperate with leading insurance companies.
  • We draw on optimal market opportunities for our customers.
  • We manage and update insurance contracts.
  • In the event of liability case, we help manage the process.
  • We constantly check our customers’ insurance contracts and, if required, propose changes.
  • We utilise new sales channels and technologies.

What we offer our customers

  • We have a partnership-based and long-term relationship with our customers.
  • We actively look after our customers and maintain good personal relations.
  • We accompany our customers in every stage of their lives and strive to achieve full customer relationships.
  • As well-trained experts, we guarantee to offer friendly, flexible and reliable advice.
  • We offer our customers high quality with a good price/performance ratio through our products, services and behaviour.
  • We actively approach potential customers of interest.
  • Our work and our customer benefits are directly linked to our financial success.

How we work together

  • We work as a team. Good personal relationships and mutual respect guarantee a good working environment.
  • We support one another to meet our self-imposed service standards.
  • We make active use of the selection of further education and training opportunities.
  • We work hand-in-hand within clearly defined areas of responsibility.
  • We adhere to any agreements made.
  • We discuss any problems together. We devise potential solutions and implement them.
  • The back office and sales force employees contribute equally to our success.
  • Each employee provides the customer with a special level of service which our customers recognise and appreciate.
  • There is a strong personal connection between all our employees and customers.

Our relationship with our business partners

  • We have a partnership-based and long-term relationship with our business partners.
  • We actively look after our business partners and maintain good personal relations.
  • We guarantee our business partners fast, flexible and reliable work and request this from our business partners in return.
  • We have direct contact with our customers. We know what the market needs.
  • We act as a sensor, advise our business partners and provide key information on product development.
  • We inform our business partners about the service standards required for our customers.
  • We also request these service standards of our business partners.
  • Our business partners meet these service standards.

Our contribution to our region

We invest some of the success achieved through our customers back into the local population, in accordance with the size and economic strength of our company:

  • We promote practical projects by local education institutes by partially covering any essential expenses or paying for services.
  • We support activities of various social associations in maintaining contacts.
  • We play an active role in the design, organisation and implementation of select cultural and health-promoting events in collaboration with local companies, organisations and business partners.
  • We reinforce local and regional economic cycles, wherever possible.

GRM Image brochure

Our more than 3,500 private and corporate customers and the constantly increasing responsibility that goes with this, motivate us to day after day fulfil in the best possible way our statutory task of protecting the interests of insurance customers. With the motto "On Your Side" we express the customer focus we have practised since the company foundation in 1989.

‘On your side’

On your behalf

The Broker’s Act (§ 27/section 1, 2) obliges us to protect customer interests. Over 4000 customers trust in us and our capabilities. The associated increase in responsibility motivates us to offer the best possible risk protection every day.

Based on the motto of ‘on your side’, we have been getting to the crux of customer focus since our company was founded in 1989.

Personal status analysis

So that you can correctly assess the scope of your existing insurance protection cover. You can identify cost savings potential as well as insurance gaps. You can then use this decision-making basis to ensure that future decisions to covering risks are made with care, foresight and understanding.

Individual risk assessment

The start of our collaboration provides clarity on existing areas of risk. The perfect starting point for any further decisions by adopting sensible risk precautions.

Needs-oriented insurance concept

Tailor your personal security requirements to your financial budget.

Invest your available money in understanding the existing risks and the clear market comparison results. With this you build your tailor-made risk protection.

Independent market comparison

Only with an independent market comparison you can identify the best insurance protection measures from the wide range of offers available on the Austrian market. We use modern and high-performance comparison methods as tools and create our own g&o products to ensure that we can compile the very best price/performance combinations for your brief.

We can also carry out a call for tender for you, on request. The cost of this call for tender will quickly be recouped in the form of savings on your insurance premiums.

Support with claims settlements

To ensure that you can draw on the support of independent insurance professionals, even in cases of claims being made.

We will support you with securing any contractually agreed compensation payments – on your behalf and by appointing experts and assisting with negotiations. And you can choose whether your broker helps you to enforce your rights on a fixed payment or a commission basis.

Professional contract management

We all know that feeling: the folder containing the insurance contracts is virtually bursting at the seams and there is no overview in sight.

The solution for premium customers: ongoing contract management using a modern IT-based contract management programme.

As a team of well-trained insurance provision experts, we offer professional contract and claims management and provide information on important new developments.

An on-site team at your assistance

There is a whole team of experts on hand, working to carve out and hone your insurance affairs.

You can contact us in person from Monday to Friday 8:00 – 17:00 at our office in Mittersill.

As additional security, our insurance brokers man the Gandler risk helpline on 0800 / 808 116 from 17:00 until 8:00 to ensure that you receive personal support.

We also operate a vehicle registration point with Zürich AG during office hours.

100% certified professional expertise

All of our customers are looked after by certified insurance brokers! Certified insurance experts will support you with contract and claims management processes where your insurance company is concerned. We draw on this pooled professional expertise to offer you the perfect protection.

To ensure ongoing development of our expertise, in 2013 we entered into cooperation with our colleagues at O+O GmbH, insurance brokers and financial advisors, at 5400 Hallein. As a g&o group, we pool our market expertise and negotiate forward-thinking service packages for our customers with selected insurance companies, based on this insight.

Data and facts

Gandler Risk Management in figures.
Trust can hardly be measured. Numbers speak for themselves.

Private customers: approx. 3,500
Corporate customers:  ca. 600
insurance contracts overseen:  ca. 13.500
Damage events/year overseen: ca. 2,500 
New contracts/year:  ca. 1,200

The development

1989 the company was founded by Ing. Walter Gandler, MBA, Werner Krauss and Erwin Herzog. 1990 Erwin Herzog left the company. With the founding of Gandler Risk Management GmbH 1998 Ing. Walter Gandler, MBA, took over all shares in the business from Mr. Werner Krauss and has been running the company as managing sole shareholder ever since. Today independently acting insurance brokers work as cooperation partners and permanently employed insurance brokers and insurance salesmen in customer, contract and claims management. The commercial staff employed for bookkeeping and marketing included, the organisation currently comprises 23 people from the region.

The guiding principle drawn up in 2002 and regenerated in 2011 by the cooperation partners and the GRM-team is the guideline for day-to-day work.

As the biggest, privately managed insurance brokerage company in the regional market and the responsibility towards the community that comes with this, we concentrate together daily on rendering professional services as brokers of risk coverage.

In order to continuously develop our competitiveness, Gandler Risk Management Versicherungsmakler GmbH 2013 established cooperation with the colleagues of O&O GmbH, insurance brokers and financial consultants, 5400 Hallein.

As g&o Group we pool our extensive market experience and negotiate exclusive service packages for our customers as one of the biggest brokerage cooperations in the state of Salzburg with selected insurance partners.