The common good balance sheet

Economy for the common good

Economy for the common good refers to an alternative economic and social system, based on the values of

  • human dignity,
  • solidarity,
  • ecological sustainability,
  • social fairness and
  • democracy and transparency.

On an economic level it is an easily realisable progression of the existing, economic coexistence. The aim of economic activity and the assessment of business success are defined on the basis of the values described.

On a political level the movement aims to achieve change to legal framework conditions. The objective of this commitment is a good life for everyone, supported by an economic system oriented towards the common good.

On a social level the movement is an initiative of raising public awareness, based on shared, value-cherishing activity by as many people as possible. The movement seeks to network with the like-minded and practice exchange with other alternative initiatives.

The movement of the economy for the common good sees itself as an open and unbiased, participatory, locally growing process with global presence. Numerous businesses, communities, towns, universities and associations in many countries on 4 continents already support the initiative.

The core of the idea is the economy for the common good balance sheet. With this, the model can be used already today. Currently, businesses and organisations decide voluntarily to prepare such a balance sheet – just like us.

Much of this is a natural component of our operations to us, some of it presents development potential for the future.

Here you’ll find our 1. COMMON GOOD BALANCE SHEET to browse.

Raising public awareness changed - see for yourself: