Contract management

Checking contracts

The independent insurance brokers, together with their colleagues from GRM, monitor and update the customers' insurance contracts as part of the insurance assignment (mandate).

The aim is the trouble-free preservation or useful further development of agreements concluded, allowing for changing parameters.

  • Checking new policies received
  • continuous checking of policies received for extended/amended coverage
  • continuously ensuring that dates and deadlines for implementing improvements or cancellations are met
  • continuously taking expiry dates as an opportunity for redesigning existing insurances
  • continuously updating customer and contract data to ensure constant up-to-dateness of the contract overview

Plus: External contract administration

On request by and on behalf of the customer, the independent insurance brokers in cooperation with their colleagues from GRM also carry out tasks related to external contracts!

  • Contract administration / external contracts (ie. contracts not brokered by Gandler Risk Management).
  • If required, we will make suggestions for the improvement of these contracts.
  • Of course, support in the event of damage can be included.

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