Premium-product-combinations for companies

Natural hazards  ✓  ✓  ✓
Burglary-Theft  ✓  ✓  ✓
Business interruption  ✓  ✓  ✓
Public liability  ✓  ✓  ✓
Cyber Risk Management
Severance provision  ✓  ✓  ✓
Motor vehicles  ✓  ✓  ✓
Natural disasters: increased cover    ✓  ✓
Company legal protection    ✓  ✓
Machinery breakdown    ✓  ✓
Glass breakage    ✓  ✓
Transport    ✓  ✓
Company pension scheme      ✓
All-Risk      ✓
Continued payment of remuneration      ✓




Buildings with more than 3 residential units are regarded as "commercial housing space". Such housing space for rent & leasing or staff apartments require systematically thought-out risk coverage, configured together with professionals.

Don’t forget: Rental agreements and usage agreements form the basis for assigning rights and duties.

Tip: Inform your independent insurance broker and the team from GRM when using alternative energy facilities or other value-adding investments.

Important: Installing security systems reduces risks and can lead to savings on premiums.

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Protecting company buildings, operating equipment, inventory, raw materials – from storm loss, fire, burglary/theft, water damage.

Don’t forget: Value-adding investments may not be considered from an insurance point of view. This then leads to underinsurance and gaps in cover.

Tip: Pay attention in particular to expenses for low-value commodities and maintenance and discuss necessary value adjustments with your independent insurance broker.

Important: Company-related insurance premiums constitute operating expenses, reduce the calculation base for tax and thus reduce tax payments.

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Business interruption, e.g. following fire damage, can threaten the survival of your business.

Don’t forget: Check your existing liability and legal protection insurance as components of your coverage during business disruptions.

Tip: Build contacts to colleagues in the industry who can support you in times of crisis to fulfil order-related promises of performance.

Important: Business interruptions due to a boss dropping out can have serious financial repercussions (no continued payment of remuneration) in SMEs, freelance doctors, notaries or One Person Companies. Income protection insurance provides effective safeguarding.

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Mistakes and glitches can happen despite taking the utmost care.

Don’t forget: Companies are liable for their staff (liability for the vicarious agent; § 1313a, ABGB (General Civil Code)). Inform your staff of this.

Tip: Provide your staff with ongoing training on how to act in damage events. We will support you with this. Simply make an appointment.

Important: Put a checklist "What to do in damage events" with necessary work materials into every company vehicle (e.g. camera).

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Company vehicles often also carry valuable goods and work tools. How have you included these in your insurance?

Don’t forget: It is essential to carefully document any accidents with company vehicles (accident report, photos) and to have these signed by the other party. In case of suspected personal injury, immediately notify the rescue services and police.

Tip: Make a list of the work tools and repair materials carried along in the company vehicles.

Important: From 3 company vehicles of similar type, subject to individual inspection, special fleet-terms can be offered.

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Claimed or actually ascertained deficiencies in fulfilment of performance are settled in court more and more frequently.

Don’t forget: Have the deficiency-free acceptance of services confirmed in writing – with a signature.

Tip: Check your contract texts and GTC´s if they match in terms of content.

Important: Collection disputes or recovery of debts can be covered with legal protection insurance. Our independent insurance brokers will support you in building useful risk protection.

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The so-called 3rd pillar of retirement planning, in addition to state pension plans. When competing for the "best heads", individually designed social security benefits can give you the edge. From simple provisions for the future acc. to § 3 Sect. 1 Par. 15 EStG (Income Tax Act) all the way to employee provisions for selected groups.

Don’t forget: Also keep in mind the family members working in a business! In many SMEs, the entrepreneurial family works from the founding to the handover – making financial provisions for a well-deserved retirement can make the handover easier.

Another tip: Company pension schemes for entrepreneurs are maintained under certain conditions even in times of business crisis.

Important: Gandler Risk Management and the associated cooperation partners have already developed meaningful solutions with leading specialists for more than 100 entrepreneurs.

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