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You as a Premium-customer


You and your family

Don’t forget: The mandatory accident insurance protects you (and thus your family) against any consequences of occupational injury – the consequences of leisure accidents remain partly not covered. With private accident insurance, you can make up for any loss of income. Tip: Protect yourself and your family against any serious consequences, cover any minor therapy costs yourself and thus reduce your volume of premiums this way.

Important: Most private family accident insurance covers children only until the age of 15. Provide your independent insurance broker with your children’s date of birth and let him manage the dates for you.

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Your earning capacity

Don’t forget: 460,000 people currently draw a pension because of reduced ability to work or occupational disability. 39% of these due to mental illness (DI-study, Conti, TNS, Spectra, 2011). Protection against risk at affordable risk premiums started early provides financial security.

Tip: A health check with your family doctor provides certainty when assessing possible health risks.

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Your private legal protection

Don’t forget: Everyone thinks they’re in the right. Asserting your rights means being able to bear the costs of legal procedures. With only low financial expenditure you can transfer the costs of private legal procedures to a risk pool.

Tip: There are legal protection offers with modular components; this helps to structure the premiums usefully. Important: with claims from leisure/sports accidents and possible disputes with employers becoming more frequent, legal protection insurance can offer valuable cover.

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Household+ Private home

Don’t forget: Easy proof and assessment of the value of art objects and valuables is possible only with photos.

Tip: On the back of the photos, write the name of the artist, material, purchase price, year of acquisition AND keep in a separate place.

Important: Make sure to inform your independent insurance broker of any improvements in the facilities, expansions or floorspace of the new buildings.
Only with adjusted contracts will newly created value be properly covered.

Offer: Gandler Risk Management will safekeep your photos of evidence in the customer file; ask your independent insurance broker or a contact person from Gandler Risk Management

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